Online Ex Training Course from TESV

Live courses with an instructor - directly to your computer with online application

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are now more restrictions on traveling, workspaces and events. To ensure that we can continue to provide training services to our clients, we are now offering a new online service, which provides the possibility to conduct all of our training courses remotely. 

How does it work?

1. The participant will receive a link to the course before it starts. The link opens in a web browser or in the application.

2. Listen and ask questions to the instructor, discuss in groups and do the online tests.

3. After the course is completed you can review the material in the supplied course manual.


A private room

Not noisy

No interruptions by others

Power connected laptop

Audio available

Camera available

Internet access

Stable connection

High speed min 2.5 Mbps

Prepare in advance:


Test the application to prepare for the training day (10 mins training by the instructor)

Prepare back up communication channels: Viber, Zalo, Whatsapp, …

Turn the phone in silent mode to avoid noise and distraction

Questions & answers:


1. Is every classroom training course available to take online?
Yes, it is. 

2. ​​Is it difficult to install or use the application to join the online training?

​​No, it isn’t. The instructor will give you 10-minute- training to use the application and test your conditions before the official training days.

3. ​​Is the online training and the classroom training have the same quality?

​​Actually, each training have the pros and cons. For online training: the instructor will maintain the same content and activities during the course like the classroom training. The participants even can enjoy some advantage of technologies such as chatting, quick polls, shared screen, separated groups to discuss, etc…

​​4. Do I have the certificate after completing the online training?

​​Yes, you do. Like the classroom training, you have to pass the final test above the pass mark 75%. Then you will receive a certificate of the course.

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